When can I eat after my Dental Appointment?

👉The most common question patients ask after their appointment is WHEN CAN I EAT?

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After HYGIENE appointment, it is desirable to:

❗Refrain from eating and drinking for 1 hour

❗Do not eat hard foods during the day


After Teeth Whitening/Bleaching:

✔️Follow a "colorless" diet for a week. Refrain from coffee, berries, beets, red wine, etc.


After a FILLING & CROWN/BRIDGE Cementing:

✔️Usually, you can eat right away. But try to wait for the anesthetic to wear off – this will ensure that you do not bite your check or lip accidentally

✋Always check with your doctor first!



❗Eliminate coarse, hard, and seeded foods for the first 2-3 days.

❗On the removal side, do not chew for a week.


We hope these guidelines will help you 😊

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